Justify trade Ltd.

Roháčova 145/14, 13000 Prague 3 - Zizkov, Czech Republic
ID No.: 01390988, Tax registration No.: CZ01390988
File reference: C 205857 registered in the Commercial Register of the Municipal Court in Prague
Phone/Fax: (+420) 228 225 391

We have business activities in Central Europe, but we also cooperate in export and import with business partners all around the world.

At the beginning of and during each project, we set goals and strive to achieve them by all means. The vision is to be competitive in the long term, reach a certain market share, maximise revenue and expand.

Export develops our business relations on foreign markets and expands the networks of international contacts.

Import brings us new products and services to domestic markets that are otherwise poorly available, or they are an attractive competition to those existing by price or quality.

Our next focus in on representation of foreign companies and manufacturers. The aim is to look for opportunities to make deals, from which we receive a commission. We are doing a quality work here, and we are familiar with the issues of imported commodities. Thanks to our representation the foreign companies have bigger success both on Czech market and markets of other countries, in which we represent them.

Our work requires responsible approach, balance-sheet and proper and timely planning. Only then it's possible to achieve success and enjoy the satisfaction of our customers and business partners.

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